“Sometimes it is too much – clients standing still, annoying colleagues. It would be good to find some clarity and feel my energy and force again.”

It is unavoidable in counseling professions that professional behavior and one’s own role in the counseling process are regularly put to the test. How do I deal with demanding clients? What role do I adopt in the counseling process? How can we work better as a team? What conflicts are blocking us?

Supervision creates clarity and eases the emotional burden for counselors and coaches. As a supervisor (DGSv) I offer you and your team support on the following themes:

  • developing new teams
  • moderating conflicts and dealing with them better
  • dealing professionally with demanding clients
  • developing a role and behavior in a protected environment
  • clarifying professional role and behavior
  • understanding and changing structures and processes in an organization
  • easing the emotional burden

I have taught trainee supervisors since 2013.