My work approach

I am firmly convinced that change is possible and that people can transform their lives and take other directions. I want to be at my clients’ side during this process, as they recognize and draw upon their own resources.

My attitude as a consultant is empathetic, structuring and clear. I have plenty of experience in observing relationships between people, for example the way in which they relate with colleagues and customers.

People who have worked with me describe me as warm and open. Many also appreciate the fact that I broach topics which might involve criticism, embarrassment or conflict, openly and using the appropriate words.

In actual fact, language is a medium that I feel comfortable using. This means that my clients can expect precise feedback on their personality. I place importance on an atmosphere where there is mutual esteem and humor.

Methods and techniques:

Im my coaching sessions, I will give you honest feedback on your impact on me. For I assume that many aspects that will reveal themselves during counseling play a role in your professional environment.

Change is not only governed by understanding, but feelings and the rootedness in one’s own life also play an important part. That’s why in my view it is important to learn how to trigger change through our own experiences.

In my work, therefore, I draw on my gestalt therapy background and use a variety of methods, including:

  • Constellations using symbolic objects or representatives
  • Work with different positions in a room, e.g. to highlight different aspects of a conflict
  • The incorporation of physical aspects such as posture, breathing and feeling in the room
  • Guided imagination allows you to come into contact with unconscious resources
  • Role-play, e.g. if you want to prepare for a concrete, difficult situation

Together, we work on structured tasks that you can try out in a session or put into practice in your everyday life.