Business coaching

When I became a manager I looked forward to the new chances and tasks within the company. Now, I have a feeling that my daily work comprises mainly conflict and I am caught between my staff and the boss.

Inexperienced managers often find themselves overwhelmed by different expectations: They are supposed to generate ideal working conditions for their staff, create a clear context, delegate, communicate in a transparent way and manage conflicts.

But different role expectations, pressure from superiors and subordinates, a lack of tools and unclear structures in a company often makes it difficult for managers to fulfill their role competently.

A management coaching session can help you to see your situation more clearly and to regain your capacity to act. A session might cover the following themes:

  • Impact on others (e.g. regarding assertiveness, clarity, presence)
  • Decision-making skills in strategical matters
  • Clarification of roles: What does my managerial position cover or not?
  • Delegation and supervision
  • Development of a style of management that suits personality
  • Appropriate approach to conflicts
  • Communication with staff and bosse
  • Understanding of team dynamics

If you are able to find pleasure in your role as manager again then it means that we were successful.